Digital Manufacturing Intelligence enabling the “Factory of the Future” vision at Pfizer

In this session you will learn about Pfizer’s pathbreaking efforts to become an AI-driven organization, utilizing an innovative Manufacturing Intelligence Workbench concept, designed with the goal of driving IT/OT convergence across the interconnected network of manufacturing sites, providing real-time access to data from all sources, and enabling scalable and accelerated AI/ML deployments in support of manufacturing operations. The MI Workbench enables Pfizer manufacturing sites to achieve “Digital Plant Maturity” and the “Factory of the Future” vision by becoming more predictive and adaptive and empowering the shop floor. This cloud-based platform provides high performance environments to develop and deploy a myriad of analytics capabilities, including advanced web-based dashboards and reporting tools, real-time multivariate monitoring and control, golden batch analysis, digital twins and soft sensors, and AI/ML-based predictive models.

Hamid Mehdizadeh
The Future of Analytics