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Name Track
Amgen: Data Integration and Real-Time Analytics for Biomanufacturing Process Development 
Arria NLG Overview and TIBCO Spotfire Integration Demo 
Connectivity Lounge powered by Lunchpool 
Hess: The Key to Successful Digital Transformation 
Day 1 Keynote: Welcome to TAFKeynote
Day 2 Keynote: Analytics EverywhereKeynote
Dr. Spotfire Tips for Visual PerceptionKeynote
Keynote: Hyperconverged Analytics on Any DataKeynote
Keynote: What’s New and What’s Next for TIBCO SpotfireKeynote
TIBCO Data Science Product Knowledge Training (2 Hours)Product Training
TIBCO Data Virtualization Product Knowledge Training (2 Hours)Product Training
TIBCO EBX Product Knowledge Training (2 Hours)Product Training
TIBCO Spotfire Advanced Training - Part 1, Sponsored by AWS (2 Hours)Product Training
TIBCO Spotfire Advanced Training - Part 1, Sponsored by AWS (2 Hours)Product Training
TIBCO Spotfire Advanced Training - Part 2, Sponsored by AWS (2 Hours)Product Training
TIBCO Spotfire Advanced Training - Part 2, Sponsored by AWS (2 Hours)Product Training
TIBCO Streaming Product Knowledge Training (2 Hours)Product Training
Bayer: Data Science for Sustainable Agriculture at Bayer Crop ScienceReal-world Success
Bayer: TIBCO Spotfire for Advancing Best Seed Varieties into the MarketReal-world Success
BCT: Geodatafy: A Platform for Data Discovery and IntegrationReal-world Success
Biota Technology: Holistic Data Integration of DNA Diagnostics for Sustainability in Oil and GasReal-world Success
ExxonMobil: Tend the Analytics Fire: Organizational Transformation to Maximize ValueReal-world Success
GE Aviation: Building a Self-service Data Analytics FoundationReal-world Success
Genware/DataShack: Hyper-Converged Analytic Process Performance in ManufacturingReal-world Success
Hemlock Semiconductor: Care & Feeding for a Successful Analytics CultureReal-world Success
Hess: The Key to Successful Digital TransformationReal-world Success
IHS Markit: Inform critical decisions about reservoirs with Analytics ExplorerReal-world Success
Keysight Technologies: Spotfire Data Loading: Hybrid Strategies for Optimal UXReal-world Success
Petrobras: Interactive Visualization of Well Logs for Better Reservoir CharacterizationReal-world Success
Texas Instruments: Actionable Insights Using TIBCO Spotfire at Texas InstrumentsReal-world Success
Western Digital: Spotfire at Western Digital’s Wafer FactoriesReal-world Success
Authoring content in WebFOCUSTech Deep Dives
Birchcliff Energy: Leveraging the TIBCO Stack to Develop Value Driving Energy AppsTech Deep Dives
Enertel: Building High-Impact Visual AnalyticsTech Deep Dives
Enterprise Reporting and Distribution with WebFOCUSTech Deep Dives
Intel: Computer Vision at the EdgeTech Deep Dives
SM Energy: What Spotfire Users Want to MasterTech Deep Dives
Spotfire and Python: Convenient Python Functions for EveryoneTech Deep Dives
Spotfire Location Analytics: Spatial Methods at your FingertipsTech Deep Dives
Spotfire Mods: Extending the Visual Palette with Specialized GraphicsTech Deep Dives
TIBCO Streaming Analytics for Real-time Digital TransformationTech Deep Dives
What’s New and Next for TIBCO Data Science: Introducing ModelOps and MoreTech Deep Dives
Analytics in Manufacturing: Putting the Connected Digital Factory into PracticeThe Future of Analytics
Digital Manufacturing Intelligence enabling the “Factory of the Future” vision at PfizerThe Future of Analytics
Ethical and Accountable Considerations for AI and Machine LearningThe Future of Analytics
Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti (HULA): The Smart Hospital: Improving Cancer Care by Understanding the Patient JourneyThe Future of Analytics
Syntelli: The Future of Analytics: Trends in Digital, Data, and AnalyticsThe Future of Analytics
The Changing Face of Analytics: Better Insights and Outcomes with Women in TechThe Future of Analytics
The Open Group OSDU™ Forum: Building for the Future of Subsurface InnovationThe Future of Analytics
TIBCO LABS: The Power of the Future Today, for the Fourth Industrial RevolutionThe Future of Analytics
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