General Session: Visual Analytics in Time and Space

Join TIBCO CAO Michael O’Connell for the TIBCO Analytics Forum kick-off. Michael outlines the conference theme—Visual Analytics in Time and Space—with examples of time trends, and geospatial and space-time analytics. He is joined by dataviz guru, analyst, and visual artist, Nadieh Bremer. Nadieh has created visual analytics for Google, Sony Music, UNICEF, and the New York Times, and recently published a beautiful coffee-table book, Data Sketches. She’s won awards from Information is Beautiful, North American Digital Media, World Digital, and more. Check out for highlights. Tobias Lehtipalo wraps up the session with a tour of the TIBCO Data Management and Analytics product portfolio that powers self-service visual analytics, data science, and reporting for all.

Nadieh Bremer Michael O'Connell Tobias Lehtipalo